Mail Archiver X 3 archives your email nice and tidy

When I first reviewed Mail Archiver in 2012, I found the application to be a robust and powerful mail archiving solution. Today, I saw that Mail Archiver X 3.1 has been released and decided to write an update on my initial review. Remember: despite the rumours that email is in decline, it still is the number one communications tool. If you keep an email archive, and depending on what sort of messages you receive (e.g. newsletters), an email archive can be almost a specialised/personalised Wikipedia on your desktop.

In 2012, I wrote: “Mail Archiver from Moth Software in Germany takes mail archiving to the next level, with support for multiple mail clients, multiple database formats, and its own Mail look-alike interface. By default, Mail Archiver X stores messages in a Valentina database. You can archive mail from Apple Mail, Entourage, Outlook, PowerMail, Postbox, Eudora Pro, and Thunderbird.”

[Read the complete review here: Mail Archiver]

Version 3.1 of Mail Archiver X adds support for directly archiving from an IMAP account (a feature I couldn’t test yet). With Mail Archiver X 3.1 it’s now possible to archive from one IMAP account without having to download the messages with an email client first. For example, if you use Gmail (only iCloud and Gmail are currently officially supported) from within the browser you can now archive your messages with Mail Archiver. Support for multiple accounts is coming with version 3.2.

More important for people who like to tag their messages with MailTags for project and task management, is Mail Archiver X’s support for MailTags. If you use the MailTags plugin in Apple Mail you will find back the tags in a new tab sheet.

Retina displays are now supported as well.

One minus I found with the first version of Mail Archiver X I reviewed was the archiving time. It took quite a bit of time before Mail Archiver X was done ingesting the 5,000+ messages from my press releases mailbox. Today, I started a clean archive and was surprised to find that archiving of my 6,000+ Sent messages and my 5,000+ press releases combined took less time than the one press releases mailbox from the first review version I tested.

Mail Archiver X 3.1 is faster when searching and retrieving messages as well. Together with its reliability, the app maintains its status of top-notch email archival app.

Other new features include:

  • A check for free space on the volume on the archive.
  • Trash and spam mailboxes can be be archived.
  • More modern look with much nicer icons.
  • Duplicates are now recognised when exporting to PDF.
  • Search has been moved to the toolbar.
  • Added a window menu.
  • Improved the speed of loading of attachment previews.
  • When archiving to Filemaker encounters a problem, the cache archive is copied to the desktop.
  • Export to Filemaker is now independent of the layouts.
  • Mailboxes with similar names like Sent and Sent Messages are now archived to the same mailbox!
  • Information about attachments.
  • Sub-mailboxes can now be excluded from archiving.
  • Added a check for creating files larger than 4 GB.