Here is what IT Enquirer is all about

I’m Erik Vlietinck and I founded the IT Enquirer in 1999. I have been a freelance technology editor and reviewer for over 22 years. I contributed to trade magazines such as British IT Week, Belgian Datanews, Dutch Publish and MacWorld, British Computer Arts, Dutch Computable and Windows NT Magazine, British New Media Age and many other publications across Europe and the US. I currently still contribute to US-based Photoshop User and POST Magazine.

My audience is involved in the creative and management side of printed and online publishing, whatever the nature of what is on the output side, i.e. music, movies for education or entertainment, interviews, photos, illustrations and more. That’s why this site has been split up in different sections covering “Photo/Video”, “Audio”, “Printing” and for the OS X enthusiasts, which many creatives are, an OS X section.

I hope you’ll enjoy the content published here and come back often. Bookmark IT Enquirer or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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