About us

My name is Erik Vlietinck. I am a middle-aged perfectionist and like to get to the bottom of things. I have been a freelance technology editor and reviewer for over 22 years, but I have been educated to be a lawyer — and have been a practising lawyer and a lecturer of law when I was young. As a freelance writer, I contributed to trade magazines such as IT Week (UK), Datanews (B), Publish and MacWorld (NL), New Media Age (UK) and many others. I currently still contribute to US-based Photoshop User and POST Magazine.

Whatever you do, do it to the purpose; do it thoroughly, not superficially. Go to the bottom of things. Any thing half done, or half known, is in my mind, neither done nor known at all. Nay, worse, for it often misleads. ― Lord Chesterfield.

With the IT Enquirer, I mainly focus on in-depth reviews and tutorials. With both I try to:

  • Save you money and time
  • Help you decide which tools are worth buying
  • Help you get the most out of your investments.

For my reviews I first find out about a product’s proclaimed strengths, then learn how it really works and where it stops users in their tracks. Even if the product is right up my ally, I evaluate it as if I were a novice. This approach tells me much about a product’s usability and quality. For most products it teaches me everything I need to know to show others how to best use it and how it can be used beyond what the maker of it envisaged.

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All content on the IT Enquirer is fully copyright protected — All Rights Reserved. For reprints, please contact the editor: Erik@it-enquirer.com. Address details removed due to identity theft.