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motionVFX mHUD effects for Final Cut Pro X


motionVFX is a Polish team of developers who create effects for Final Cut Pro X. One of their latest creations is mHUD, a set of effect that reminded me of Yanobox’s Nodes 2. In reality, mHUD comes as a set of adjustable Final Cut Pro X Titles as well as QuickTime 1080p movies. I took my magnifying glass out and gave both Titles and movies a good look.

An overview of the EFI H1625 LED Wide Format Inkjet Printer

H1625 LED

With most entry-level wide or superwide format inkjet printers you get a stripped down version of a larger sibling. That’s what is meant with “entry level”, but I for one was surprised to find the EFI H1625 not being stripped down at all. Except for its size, this wide format LED inkjet printer comes equipped with features that you’d only expect to find in larger models.

Managing newly hired employees

Manage new hires

When you employ people, whether it be future employees or freelances, it makes a difference when you allow them to socialise well. It not only puts them at ease, but also increases their productivity, gets them up to speed faster and gains your company a fine reputation as an employer with less employee turnover.

SanDisk SSD Extreme Pro: reliability, performance and lifespan

SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD

SSDs miss moving parts, are durable and fast. They are the holy grail of computer storage, except for their price, which still is considerable when compared to common hard disks. Nevertheless, there are good reasons to prefer an SSD above a hard disk despite the price premium, but not any SSD will do. Some are plain unreliable, while others claim high throughput speeds but never deliver. SanDisk is at the top of the industry in flash memory storage solutions. Atomos lists their Extreme Pro SSD in the “Highly Recommended” category for video recording. Six out of seven server and storage OEMs and all leading PC manufacturers use SanDisk technology in their products. Time we took an Extreme Pro SSD for a ride.

Get rid of haze with DxO Optics Pro 10

DxO Optics Pro 10

The developer who uses test data of your camera body and lens as well as scientifically based algorithms to create his applications, has just made his flagship image processing app better again. DxO Optics Pro 10 has a new ClearView feature to get rid of haze and an improved Probabilistic Image Enhancement (PRIME) denoising algorithm. DxO Optics Pro 10 also integrates with DxO ViewPoint’s geometrical correction tool.

BBEdit 11: some things change, some don’t

BBEdit 11

As long as I can remember, I have been reviewing BBEdit. Now at its 11th iteration, the text and code editor seems to stand firm as one of the most flexible and useful text editors for the Mac. BBEdit 11 leaves much unchanged in order not to interfere with users’ habits. That what did change again makes BBEdit more efficient, but some features didn’t work as expected yet.