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EFI DirectSmile: printers in the driver’s seat for direct marketing


EFI’s DirectSmile is software that allows you to create, personalise and automate marketing across web, e-mail, mobile, social and print media. It doesn’t require any programming skills and it integrates with existing CRM systems. DirectSmile is squarely aimed at non-printing direct marketing for printers who want to stay in business, as well as to advertising agencies and corporate marketing departments.

Carbon Copy Cloner 4: from peace to mind to enjoyable backups

Carbon Copy Cloner 4-2

Backing up your Mac isn’t something you do for pleasure. It’s a necessity and necessities are seldom fun. But when the day comes your hard disk or Mac gives up, you’ll be happy to have a backup you can start from. That is: if you can start up from your backed up volume in seconds. Chances are that, if you are using Carbon Copy Cloner, you can.

Akurat Lighting LL2120hc3 V-WHITE, a highly performant video light

Akurat Lighting LL2120ch3 V-WHITE

Video lights for on-camera or on-tripod use are hard to find with a CRI of 98, but Polish manufacturer Akurat Lighting makes them. The aluminium cased high brightness LL2120hc3 V-WHITE fits the palm of your hand and not only provides accurate colour rendering, but also high brightness, sturdy build quality and longevity at a low €215.00 ex VAT price.

Pantone colours and your printer


Ever tried printing a Pantone colour with no success? I always thought if I couldn’t reproduce a Pantone colour, it was due to the non-PostScript cheap inkjet printer I’m using these days, until I did some research. I found out many printers (the humans) are having trouble printing some Pantone colours even with the latest EFI Fiery Servers driving some high-end digital printing presses. Even when using the CMYK cross-reference colour with a manual adjustment of the percentages to create the spot colour can it go wrong on a Xerox digital colour press EX1000 or any other device. The reason is simple, though: gamut.

Affinity Designer, the successful Adobe Illustrator challenger

Affinity Designer

An Adobe Illustrator fan are you? But not really happy with Adobe’s cloud pricing model? Your options to find something at least as powerful as Illustrator CC-whatever are very limited. Finding something that’s equally useful as CS3 is even going to get you a headache. Until you discover and try out Affinity Designer. Then you’ll discover Illustrator is not the only Walhalla in Designer Universe.

If you’re familiar with Astute Graphics’s products, you’ll feel right at home in Affinity Designer. In contrast to Illustrator without Astute Graphics plug-ins, Affinity Designer is a real OS X application with almost all the features Adobe Illustrator has, and some others Illustrator lacks. Unique about Affinity Designer is its precision (sub-pixel precision, to be precise), its real-time pixel preview, its 1 million zoom factor capability and its inclusion of the superior Lanczos 3 image resampling algorithm. It’s also the only Illustrator challenger with full support for colour management and a full range of export formats.

ColorRight Lumenator Pro LED light disc

Lumenator Pro

The ColorRight Lumenator Pro photo/video LED light could have been a wonderful device. The concept is great, alright. But unfortunately, “good concept” doesn’t always equal “good product”. In this case, the materials used and the company-boasted specs resulted in expectations not being met — a bad product overall.

Correcting a photo with Perfectly Clear

Perfectly Clear

Correcting photos in half the time you would need when doing the same with Photoshop or Lightroom’s built-in tools. That is what Athentech Imaging promises with Perfectly Clear. The Photoshop and Lightroom plug-ins serve the same purpose as Perfectly Clear for iOS devices.