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Final Cut Pro X noise reduction plugin Photon Pro as good as Denoiser II

Photon Pro

Image noise is detrimental to photographs, but it’s even worse when it occurs in video. Even a bit of noise can ruin your footage. I received Photon Pro, a very inexpensive and simple to use Final Cut Pro X plug-in that claims it removes noise from your footage achieving the same quality as much more expensive “professional” denoising products. That’s a pretty hefty statement, so I decided to compare Photon Pro to the Red Giant Software Denoiser II plug-in for After Effects.

How to optimise your Røde NT-USB for best results

NT-USB gain setting

The Røde NT-USB is a USB microphone. USB microphones have one major benefit: you don’t need a driver or an ADC (Analogue-Digital-Converter) to make it work. To get best results from a USB microphone you need to set the gain correctly. The NT-USB has an optimised gain for its internal circuits, but unless you have a loud voice, that gain setting may be too low. Here is how you set it for optimum results.

Compression without artefacts with JPEGmini Pro


Minifying images for a website or compressing them for an email is a daily returning routine for most people who deal with illustrating any sort of textual content. You can always minify PNGs and JPEGs on the server. This works very well and if you’re managing a WordPress installation, there are a number of fine plug-ins that take the pain out of compressing images to their smallest possible size. But often compressing an image — and especially a JPEG — to its smallest possible size, introduces ugly artefacts. JPEGmini Pro seeks to avoid that.

New QuarkXPress 10 XTensions Now Available

Quark Software announced a variety of new XTensions for QuarkXPress 10. XTensions are software applications from Quark and third-party developers that allow companies to customize QuarkXPress with features that address specific design and workflow needs.