Sony SpectraLayers Pro 3: painting audio for audio engineers, remix artists and audio-for-video producers

SpectraLayers Pro 3 interface

With the only just released SpectraLayers Pro 3 advanced audio spectrum analyser/editor Sony hasn’t chosen for the easy road of adding bloat to the app. Instead, they’ve made several impressive improvements, speeding up the app considerably, giving it a better, far more user-friendly ad customisable interface and the ability to process 24bit/192kHz files. There are a few new features as well, but the focus of version 3 lies with making SpectraLayers Pro a more efficient, pleasurable audio editing app.

The iPad Air 2 experience

iPad Air 2

For my birthday this year, I got an iPad Air 2. After so many years standing by and watching people swipe their fingers in a cramp, I’m now a proud member of the iPad aficionados. I know my pinch from my swipe and have managed to fill up 10MB of the 64 that I have at my disposal. The experience has been nothing but brilliant with a few minor glitches in the accessories department.

An overview of the EFI H1625 LED Wide Format Inkjet Printer

H1625 LED

With most entry-level wide or superwide format inkjet printers you get a stripped down version of a larger sibling. That’s what is meant with “entry level”, but I for one was surprised to find the EFI H1625 not being stripped down at all. Except for its size, this wide format LED inkjet printer comes equipped with features that you’d only expect to find in larger models.

EFI DirectSmile: printers in the driver’s seat for direct marketing


EFI’s DirectSmile is software that allows you to create, personalise and automate marketing across web, e-mail, mobile, social and print media. It doesn’t require any programming skills and it integrates with existing CRM systems. DirectSmile is squarely aimed at non-printing direct marketing for printers who want to stay in business, as well as to advertising agencies and corporate marketing departments.

Pantone colours and your printer


Ever tried printing a Pantone colour with no success? I always thought if I couldn’t reproduce a Pantone colour, it was due to the non-PostScript cheap inkjet printer I’m using these days, until I did some research. I found out many printers (the humans) are having trouble printing some Pantone colours even with the latest EFI Fiery Servers driving some high-end digital printing presses. Even when using the CMYK cross-reference colour with a manual adjustment of the percentages to create the spot colour can it go wrong on a Xerox digital colour press EX1000 or any other device. The reason is simple, though: gamut.

Film Grain simulation: vendors inform

digital film grain

Film Grain in Capture One 8 is a simple affair. It’s not comparable to the film grain you can have with DxO FilmPack or Alien Skin Exposure. Far from it. But Phase One has a straightforward explanation on this issue. I asked other film grain developers about their practices and the results you can get and this is what they have to say.

Cloud services: how to handle them

Cloud services

An increasing number of people are entrusting iCloud and other cloud services with their private digital belongings. Most of these services promise strong security and the right of the owner to stay in control of what they upload to the cloud. For enterprises, these and other promises are certain to be honoured. If cloud service providers wouldn’t, they’d be in legal trouble in the blink of an eye. To private persons the cloud is more dangerous.