Typinator 6 Date Steps — conversion to European date format example

Typinator 6

Typinator 6 comes with a good example of how you can use regular expressions to increment (and decrement) dates in steps of one day or one week. The feature works with the reference date, which has been set to the default format of YYYY-MM-DD. I tried to create a set that would do the same with a date set to a different date format and got stuck at the conversion from reference date to my European date format — in this case DD.MM.YYYY. Ergonis Software was quick with offering help and here is what their technical expert worked out for me.

What can you do with a GoPro HERO3+ with firmware 2 installed and a Ninja Blade?

Ninja Blade

The HERO3+ Black Edition has new firmware since March 2014. Firmware v2 added new controls to GoPro’s flagship camera for setting colour, ISO limit, sharpness and exposure. Meanwhile, Atomos’ Ninja Blade added vectorscope and histogram overlays so you can evaluate the exposure settings of your camera. Atomos’ Blade series also supports colour calibration to ensure accurate colour. Use the two together and you get an ultra-cheap ultra-nice movie recording package.

Using Apple Aperture to manage the screenshots and images for your website


Apple Aperture, like Phase One Capture One Pro and Adobe Lightroom are image editors with a DAM (Digital Asset Management) component integrated into the application. You use them for photographic work, but with a bit of imagination these apps — and Aperture especially — are excellent desktop DAM systems for managing screenshots and illustrative images you use on a website, iOS/Android app or any online publication that illustrate their content with images.

Converting GoPro HERO3+ 120fps footage to ProRes 422

Episode 6 can convert GoPro 120fps clips correctly

How do you transcode a 120fps GoPro HERO3+ video clip to ProRes, except for letting your NLE doing the heavy lifting? The answer is not simple. GoPro Studio Pro isn’t helpful as it only exports to publishing codecs and the Cineform codec, with which no NLE can work straight out-of-the-box. I thought Squeeze 9 might do the job, but Squeeze halves the frame rate, no matter what. Sorenson Media is aware of the problem and is working on a fix. Currently, the only application that works is Telestream’s Episode 6, but only if you set it up correctly. Here’s a how-to.

Mavericks, your Dock & two monitors

Two monitors and the Dock

Here is something I noticed today. For a short while now, I have two monitors on my desk, both hooked up to my mid-2011 27in iMac. When I take the cursor to my secondary monitor and hold it over where the Dock normally is, the Dock magically appears. When I want it back on my […]

How to remove LinkedIn applications

linkedin application removal steps

As with many social media, LinkedIn has an API into which other online services or applications can tap. Examples of such online applicationss are Spundge, Maven and Opprtunity (sic). It’s easy to allow access to your LinkedIn account from within these apps. You just need to click a button, you’re taken to a LinkedIn app screen and when you click OK, you’re taken back to the new service you just subscribed to.