Telestream upgrades Episode 6.5, adds HEVC, VP9 and multi-track audio

Episode 6.5

Telestream has upgraded Episode, their transcoding application, to version 6.5. The upgrade includes support for formats such as HEVC, XAVC, VP9 and MXF AS-11, caption insertion with encoding and pass-through of formats such as MCC, SCC and CEA-608/708, multi-bitrate streaming support, support for multi-track audio, and image sequence support directly from the GUI. Some jobs using the new codecs turned out to be too memory intensive and crashed.


Smooth, fluid and motorised: Rhino Motion and the Rhino Slider EVO

Rhino SLider EVO camera slider & Rhino Motion

When Rhino Camera Gear released its camera slider in 2013, the company promised they would follow up with a motor. Focusing on quality and the needs of its users, the company took two years to come up with a motorised solution they believe to be a best fit for their users. The Rhino Motion is accompanied by a new generation of sliders, the Rhino Slider EVO, with an optional flywheel accessory for those who prefer to operate their slider by hand. I was given the opportunity to test and review a pre-release 24in (60cm) Rhino Slider EVO Motorized Camera Slider with a Rhino Motion motor system.


Camera sliders: adding dynamism to static scenes

The Rhino Motion and Rhino Slider EVO camera slider

As equipment has become increasingly more affordable, we’ve seen the rise of of a new generation of freelance video journalists and individual film makers producing digital films like documentaries, corporate videos, short movies and news. Many of them are using dSLRs because these can be handled by a single operator while offering excellent image quality. While most of them lack a team necessary to handle dollies and cranes, they will often take a camera slider with them to introduce dynamism in otherwise static scenes. Sliders are great to pull the viewer into the scene.


QuarkXPress 2015 tackles footnotes, 1000+ row tables and ePUB Fixed Layout output

QuarkXPress 2015

With QuarkXPress 10 came dramatic improvements in image rendering speed and some other nice feature updates. QuarkXpress 2015 may become one of the more important milestones in the history of this venerable layout design application.


How the Peninsula Group Thermal Printer driver turns OS X into the best system for printing labels

Peninsula Group Thermal Utility Install driver

When Peninsula Group’s representative asked me if I was interested in reviewing their completely rewritten Thermal Printer driver, I didn’t hesitate for a second. Peninsula Group’s printer driver is the only one that works with OS X without driving you crazy. The new printer driver includes a special installer to set up extraction of labels for use with UPS, FedEx, etc. once and then never look back. The rendering engine also makes it possible to print from web browsers without dithering — which is essential for barcodes to remain readable.


How to make a basic stabiliser for your GoPro HERO3, HERO3+ or HERO4

Dinkum ActionPod and cable tie for stabilising GoPros

Keeping your GoPro HERO3/3+/4 steady is no small feat without some sort of a stabilisation platform. You can buy a gyro-driven gimbal, but that’s expensive. A Steadicam Curve is another, less expensive alternative, but what are your options if you’re somewhere you can’t get either of these? If you’re happy enough to have with you a Dinkum Systems 1/4in ActionPod and a nylon cable tie, you can make your own rudimentary stabiliser.


motionVFX’s mTransition simplepack minimalist transitions set has great appeal


Known for its Final Cut Pro X templates and effects, motionVFX has released a set of 50 transitions, mTransition simplepack. As the name says, these are minimalist design transitions. The set contains some nicely designed effects with about half of them truly unique. The other half of the set can be categorised as variations on […]