Hype 3 Professional and you create dynamic, animated page designs, infographics and games

Hype 3 Professional

With Hype you can create web pages, animations, presentations, infographics and anything else that you’d like to dynamically put on display for people to enjoy. Hype uses HTML 5 and Javascript to work its magic. It has just received a major overhaul and is now available as a free update to Hype 2. It has an in-app purchase ability to Hype 3 Professional.

Editing text and markdown without distractions across platforms: Ulysses 2 and Ulysses iPad

ulysses on ipad

The best markdown editor for the Mac is Ulysses and it just got even better. Ulysses 2 for the Mac integrates seamlessly with the latest OS X, has a nicer attachment bar and an even less cluttered interface for less distraction. Best of all, Ulysses Mac integrates seamlessly with Ulysses iPad through iCloud. Last but not least: Ulysses iPad is an almost exact twin of the Mac version.

Color Finale is the first true professional grade colour grading plugin for Final Cut Pro X

color finale

Colour grading for professionals usually consists of complex stand-alone applications such as Da Vinci Resolve. Few developers make an effort to come up with a truly professional colour grading solution for Final Cut Pro X. Denver Riddle from Color Grading Central did. The result is Color Finale, a plugin specially developed by colour scientists for colour scientists using Final Cut Pro X.

PopChar X 7: draw the glyph you’re looking for

popchar 7

The other day I was looking for an app that would show me all the glyphs in a font. I automatically opened Popchar X 6.6 and saw there was a new version available. Just out of interest I decided to see if there weren’t any alternatives and I came back with a big “NO”. Yes, you can view glyphs in font editors and you might even pull it off showing them all inside Suitcase Fusion 6, by spending a few hours typing in all possible keyboard combinations in Suitcase’s paragraph preview. But how efficient would that be? It made one thing clear to me: Popchar X is a must-have if you are a layout, graphic or web designer.