Koji Color Advanced colour grading for Final Cut Pro X

Hawaiki analyzer colour correction

Whenever the people at Crumplepop introduce or launch a product, the video editing community listens up. That was no different when the Koji colour grading app was released and things haven’t changed with the recent release of Koji Advanced, a plug-in for FCPX and other popular NLEs. Koji is a colour grading system based on the works of Dale Grahn, a well-known colour scientist and the colour artist who graded blockbuster movies such as Saving Private Ryan and Gladiator. I tried Koji Advanced in FCPX with the other colour grading plug-ins I reviewed earlier in the back of my mind.


FX Shuffle

The Cross Dissolve transition may be the most commonly used but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any that are more exciting and fun. FxFactory seems to think so, anyway, and it promptly introduced the Final Cut Pro X FX Shuffle effect. This new transition lets you create a transition effect with five clips all shuffled from one clip to another.

Merlin Project has features for serious project management

merlin project

It’s been a few years since I reviewed Merlin 2, the project management app for OS X. Merlin Project is its successor and it’s been improved in several areas, making it even more suitable for complex projects. Except for a new, beautifully designed interface, Merlin Project has new views, better reports, earned value analysis, powerful search and filter features and impressive export options. Merlin Project suits every type of project, whether it be the construction of a building, the making of a video documentary or the development of a new web site.

Coremelt updates and adds features to SliceX and TrackX plug-ins


When Coremelt released its range of plugins for Final Cut Pro X that were based on mocha tracking technology, the company almost experienced a meltdown as a result of the enthusiasm with which the FCPX community jumped on the plugins. Finally, mocha’s topnotch functionality would be available in a plugin everybody could use. After SliceX came Lock & Load and TrackX, but the three plugins didn’t gain any extra functionality in the months to come. Until a couple of weeks ago, when Coremelt released the last bunch of updates.

Micro Snitch warns when your Mac’s microphone or camera is spying on you

micro snitch

You don’t have to be paranoid anymore to be wary of your Mac’s built-in microphone and camera. Hackers have been known to have been using these built-in devices to make identity theft easier for them. And since we all know what the name Snowden stands for, we should be on our guard for governments and — why not — corporates as well. It’s easy to cover up an iMac’s camera with a piece of paper (although you also cover up its ambient light measuring sensor that way), but it’s a lot harder to really turn off the microphone and rest assured nobody will turn it on without you even be aware. The developer of Little Snitch just made that harder, though. Micro Snitch is a menu app that constantly monitors your cam and mic and alerts you when it gets turned on.

Capture exploding balloons, bouncing marbles, lightning and wildlife: Hähnel Captur

Hahnel Captur results

If you ever wanted to shoot wildlife, lightning or fun stuff like drops bouncing off a surface, the Captur system from Hahnel, the Irish manufacturer of peripherals for photographers, fits your needs. With a Captur Remote Control set and the Captur Module Pro, you can remotely control your camera and speedlights, and trigger either using sound, light, infrared, laser beam or other sensors. It’s an incredibly fun way to be creative, and it allows you to take shots that would otherwise be impossible. More importantly, it has features you only expect in systems that are much more expensive.