Task and message management with MailTags 4 and Mail Act-On 3

Mailtags 4 colors

Apple Mail is a nice email client, but it lacks features and functionality in the area of task management and message follow-up. Some people therefore prefer to switch to Microsoft’s Outlook, but with two plug-ins you can keep on using Mail and get the best task and message management available. The two plug-ins that make this happen are MailTags 4 and Mail Act-On 3.

JOT Touch Pro & Mini basic styluses


Adonit recently renewed their JOT Pro and JOT Mini styli. These are basic styli, which means they don’t pair with your iPad via Bluetooth and don’t come with pressure levels. Contrary to other basic styli, the JOT Pro and Mini don’t use a rubber tip but a “Precision Disk” as a contact point with the iPad’s glass, and that makes using them a lot more comfortable.

Tiffen Dfx 4 Digital Filters for images and video

Tiffen Dfx 4

Tiffen is renown for their physical filters and gels, but they also have a nice portfolio of digital products. I tested the complete Tiffen Dfx 4 digital filter suite for video and photo. The complete Dfx 4 package comes as a stand-alone app and plug-in for Adobe, Apple and Avid NLEs, and for Adobe’s image editing apps as well as Apple’s Aperture. It is the only plug-in package that replicates Tiffen optical filtering, Rosco and Gam gobos and gels, and now also hundreds of photographic film stocks. It is a quite complete toolkit for photographers and cinematographers alike.

POGO Connect 2 iOS stylus with Sensu brush

POGO Connect 2

If you’re drawing or painting on an iPad Air 2, get yourself a Bluetooth stylus. It’s the only way to create lines and areas with the comfort of pressure variation. The POGO Connect 2 comes closest to an analogue drawing and painting experience, even closer than a JOT Touch Pixelpoint, because it has replaceable nibs, including a Sensu brush tip.

Jog, shuttle and edit in your NLE with the Ctrl+Console app

Ctrl+ Console

If you want to control Final Cut Pro X or Premiere Pro, or any other application that can be controlled with a jog wheel, you’ll need to buy a controller like the Tangent Wave control surface or even a Contour Design Shuttle Pro/Express. The former is expensive and only viable if you’re a professional, while the latter doesn’t allow for smooth shuttling. Owners of an iPad, however, are in luck: CTRL+Console is an iPad/Mac solution that lets your iPad work as a controller surface for applications running on your Mac.

Red Giant Software Magic Bullet Suite 12 review

Magic Bullet Looks 3

With Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 12, you get a myriad ways to create perfect video in terms of colour accuracy, colour creativity and film emulation — in any editing environment, including Final Cut Pro X. You don’t need Adobe After Effects anymore to get perfect skin colour or to work with Colorista. Magic Bullet Suite apps are also faster and the interface fonts finally look perfect.

New version of Merlin project management app is important news for anyone planning projects

merlin 3

Anyone who has some planning to do, including video producers and editors, photographers, designers, publishers, writers, lawyers, manufacturers, contractors — no matter whether they work in small or large workgroups — will at some point need planning software. Projectwizards’ Merlin 3 is the newest version of the only OS X project management app that competes directly with Microsoft’s enterprise-strength Windows-only application.