NUGEN Audio Post Pack plug-ins review

NUGEN Audio Post Pack

Mixing and mastering audio for film, video or broadcast differs a bit from mastering for music. The media to master for will be different, as will the requirements of the industry. A UK developer, NUGEN Audio, creates professional audio tools for high-end music producers, post-production engineers and broadcasters. Among its partners we find Avid and Quantel. NUGEN Audio offers post-production mixing and mastering with a Post Pack that holds eight modules of which some can be used as stand-alone applications.

Adonit JOT Touch Pixelpoint Review

Adonit JOT Touch Pixelpoint

After having experienced working with the iPad Air 2 (64GB) for a good two months now, I just had to know what it would feel like to draw and paint directly on the glass — a bit like what Cintiq users must experience for a much higher price. But to draw or paint on the […]

Film Styles For Capture One – review

Film Styles For Capture One

There’s one thing Capture One has always missed: true film styles like those of Dxo Filmpack or Alien Skin’s Exposure. Film Styles For Capture One seeks to fix this. Alexander Svet, a professional photographer and Phase One Certified Professional has spent a good number of years recreating film looks for Capture One. The Film Styles For Capture One bundle he came up with has over 100 B&W and colour film styles combined. That’s no small feat as Capture One doesn’t offer much support for third parties to extend functionality.

Audio Hijack 3: experiences with the new record-from-anything-audio app

Audio Hijack 3

Audio Hijack Pro was Rogue Amoeba’s app for capturing sound from applications as well as input devices. It was powerful, scalable and flexible but not very user-friendly. Audio Hijack 3 changes all that. It’s every bit as powerful — if not more — than its predecessor, but also easier to use. In fact, the new building block paradigm used in Audio Hijack 3 will enable you to do more with your audio recordings because it’s incredibly simple to set up complex sessions. Also new in Audio Hijack 3 are templates, full-screen mode, presets, FLAC recording and more.

Swiftpoint GT, or how to reinvent the mouse to be better, more usable

Swiftpoint GT

Sometimes the smallest thing can make a huge difference. Take for example the mouse. You may have an iMac with a Retina display, but the keyboard and mouse are still the same design as when the aluminium iMac was introduced — i.w. not very comfortable, nor friendly for your carpal tunnel (your wrist). Replacing the keyboard by something better is not going to be simple, but replacing the mouse is easy: just buy something that makes you control the cursor as if you were holding a pencil, because that’s your hand’s most natural position.

onOne Software Perfect Photo Suite Premium 9: the review

onOne Software Perfect Photo Suite Premium 9

Photoshop without the painting tools, that’s what onOne Software’s Perfect Photo Suite Premium is in a nutshell. Perfect Photo Suite Premium is a RAW converter/editor with an image browser and features such as image correction and enhancement, B&W conversion, compositing and Fx effects, layers and masks, portrait-specific enhancement and resizing. Its masking capabilities are unique and in my opinion allows to position this app in the market as a proper Photoshop replacement.

Alien Skin Exposure 7 handles RAW

Alien Skin Exposure 7

We all love to enhance our photos — professionals and amateurs alike — whether it be retouching, adding filters or compositing even. Some photographers are masters at recreating a scene and endowing it with a mood or quality it almost certainly didn’t have when the scene was shot. A number of software tools help, including Photoshop, Capture One Pro and DxO Optics Pro as well as specialised tools like the subject of the current review: Alien Skin’s Exposure 7.