Using Apple Aperture to manage the screenshots and images for your website


Apple Aperture, like Phase One Capture One Pro and Adobe Lightroom are image editors with a DAM (Digital Asset Management) component integrated into the application. You use them for photographic work, but with a bit of imagination these apps — and Aperture especially — are excellent desktop DAM systems for managing screenshots and illustrative images you use on a website, iOS/Android app or any online publication that illustrate their content with images.

Filecamp DAM SaaS system: an overview

Filecamp DAM main interface

Filecamp is a SaaS (Software as a Service) based Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution developed by a small European company. It’s simple and extremely easy to use, but still manages to deliver some advanced functionality like branding, versioning and user/folder based access protection. Filecamp fits the needs of small workgroups, advertising agencies, marketing departments, as well as large companies.

Pixa, a professional image manager for OS X

Pixa image manager

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is technology that immediately recalls enterprise-scale systems or applications such as Portfolio and Cumulus, which date back several decades. Pixa is brand new and while it lacks a couple of features that would turn it into a full-scale desktop DAM, it’s close.

Understanding metadata in Digital Asset Management


Digital Asset Management or DAM for short is not as easy to understand as many people think it is. Understanding a DAM project starts with understanding the difference between asset and metadata. Metadata is data about data. This most common description doesn’t tell you the problems it hides.

Picturepark releases long-awaited version 8.4

Picturepark, the Swiss DAM company, has just released its long awaited version 8.4. The new version supports asset classes, controlled vocabularies, custom icons for categories, a widget dashboard and more robust permission based capabilities. In a YouTube presentation the Picturepark rep shows how the new asset classes differ from categories. The first are hierarchical, have […]

ADAM Software partners with Brightcove to provide an integrated DAM solution for Video content

ADAM Software has partnered with Brightcove to provide an integrated solution to combine DAM video storage and video content services in the cloud. ADAM is about to release its DAM-based Video Manager solution in early 2013. This solution will allow users to integrate and manage all video related assets, including metadata, subtitling and audio files, while providing sophisticated file recognition facilities to quickly access the correct file.