Offloading images and videoclips without the wait: the Lexar Professional Workflow Reader Solution

Lexar Professional Workflow Reader Solution

With the proliferation of video frame sizes beyond 1920×1080 pixels, memory card readers have become a major bottleneck in the production process. The Lexar Professional Workflow Reader Solution is a high-speed reader system that lets you transfer images from up to four memory cards simultaneously. The solution consists of a four-bay reader hub and independently sold reader modules that can be used both as a module and a stand-alone reader.

Elgato Thunderbolt Dock; the review

Elgato Thunderbolt dock box shot

Thunderbolt is everywhere these days, but a lot of people still have USB and even FireWire devices, while a lot of others would love to hook up a second HDMI monitor to their Mac. With my iMac mid-2011, I even lack USB 3.0 ports. With Elgato releasing yet another Thunderbolt Dock two weeks ago, I decided to give it a go. One day after installing the Elgato device, I discovered it’s far from “yet another” Thunderbolt Dock.

Powermonkey Extreme 12V charges dSLRs, iPads, audio recorders and more

Powermonkey Extreme 12V powers your story-telling equipment

Powertraveller is a British company developing and selling power devices for road warriors and people who want to charge their devices in an eco-friendly way. The company’s Powermonkey Extreme is a winning combination of a battery and solar panel specifically aimed at charging 5V (USB or others) devices. And now there’s also the Powermonkey Extreme 12V for more demanding power charging jobs.

GoPro HERO3+ and new mounts

GoPro Jaws

The GoPro HERO3+ is an improved version of the HERO3. It’s a bit better with low light, has a better lens, and a new even wider view, called SuperView. It also has better audio due to a different placement of the built-in microphones. Together with the new HERO3+, GoPro released new mounting accessories, including a clip (QuickClip), a clamp with flexible mounting pole called Jaws, a new suction cup and a far better tripod mount than the one already available.